Thursday, January 19, 2006


If you are reading this from bloglines, i have shifted yet again to!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I am ...

  • comfortably sitting back in my cozy couch and watching the laughable melodrama happening around blogosphere and .. to add insult, i have my popcorn with me.

  • deciding that i will never get involved in such silly crap.

  • reinforcing my belief of the day after today.

    My mother told me so. My teachers told me so. It must be said that everyone knows that or at least everyone has been somehow educated or taught that procrastination is no good. Therefore, I only believe in the power of the present.

    edited because i really shouldn't be a mean bitch.
  • Tuesday, January 10, 2006

    The Empress and her painting slave

    In general, i like painting. The swishing and swooshing on the wall is awfully, awfully therapeutic. It's an aged wall, tainted with rust, dirt, pencil stains and whats-not but you make the difference. You grab a brush and you roll it all around. You attack the dirtier bits first and you coat it a few times to make sure it's totally covered so that you will not be reminded of the less glorifying moments. You wipe the slate clean. You start all over again.

    I love painting walls but i hate painting ceilings. And today under the command of the Empress, i painted the living room's ceiling. And she refused to let me use the ladder because she said i am too fat and will spoil her ladder. I paused.

    Thinking i might have misheard, i asked her again. I gave her another chance.
    Slave: "Why you don't let me use the ladder?"
    Empress: "Because you so fat, surely fall off the ladder and spoil the ladder one. Then i have to spend $60 to buy another ladder. Get off the ladder lah!"

    And thus disheartened by the Empress's apparent inhumanity, i spent the next two hours tilting my head in a 90 degrees angle, slaving away and by the time i was done, i was prepared to remain permanently in the nose-up-in-the-air-so-sue-me position.

    Luckily my love for painting kept me going on. Now the ceiling is a nice blue and everytime i look at it, i will remember how i am not allowed to use the ladder.

    Saturday, January 07, 2006

    Rambling because i got nothing to say

    There is nothing i hate more than oily hair and oily face.

    (postscript: Yes yes i chopped a place in, ala the true fashion of me, now bidding my time. Ha, and i've chosen back onelittletwit again. It's strange, after stopping to be onelittletwit for so long, somehow i found that onelittletwit is more me than thehungrybunny :) Sorry to break your heart Dfe!)

    Thursday, January 05, 2006

    Cafe, Me

    The interesting part about this cafe i am usually found at on the eastern part of Singapore is that i get to meet people. I not only see new faces there, mind you. I see a lot of old faces that i had relegated to the back of my mind a long long time ago. These people had little or some impact in my life at one point in time or another but were forgotten, having given way to the changes in circumstances, the passing of time or maybe .. even nothing at all. The link just broke down. It just did.

    The best part about this masquerade is that none of them actually recognised me unless i make the first move. I enjoy the privacy of those thoughts that ran through my head after i spot them and the biting of lips while i contemplate on the next course of action. Should i go up and say hi? Or should i just leave the current status quo be?

    Guy 1 - WC
    WC and i had been colleagues at the first company i started out with. At that time he was 25 and i was a mere chit of 19. We went out a couple of times and had something going on for a short while. We lost contact after i left the company. And to be frank, we were never close friends. I said hello because i saw him cast a look of recognition at me. We exchanged some formalities and i found out that he is now working as a pilot. And so we said goodbye and i didn't ask for his contact number because i do not foresee myself keeping in touch with him and i did not want to be pretentious by asking for a number i'll never call ... and even though i sound like i am generalizing, but the last reason was because he is a pilot. I do not want him to assume that i am hankering after him because he has a job that makes him generally desired by some females.

    Guy 2 - Sda
    Sda was my ex-secondary schoolmate. Although we're never in the same class but we saw each other in school numerous times before and i had quite an infamous reputation then. I saw him at the cafe with his girlfriend but did not acknowledge him. Recently, at a friend's engagement party, he asked me for my name as he did not recall ever seen me in school before or "either that, you've changed a lot" he said. I giggled and as i was rushing for time, left the conversation at that till the next time. The change in my appearance really is just the disappearance of the mushroom cloud of frizzy hair resembling that of a hiroshima bombing. Rebonding does wonder, i tell you.

    Guy 3 - Lion
    Lion's story is short, simple and sweet. We were in the same class for a year post-college and he dropped out after a while. We maintained contact via text messages for a while and after that we obliterated each other. He too, did not recognise me.

    Guy 4 - Kris
    Kris was like an elder brother to me at one point in time or another when i was about 21. He would bring me out to play pool, drink and even to a houseparty held by his friend. When i first knew him, he was just out of a relationship as his girlfriend was overly suspicious of him. She would screen his calls and messages, prevent him from going out with his friends. He felt stifled but he still loved her. The broken link came about when i invited him to my birthday party. We were all excited and it was agreed that he would make his 'famous' potato salad and dropped by. A day later, he messaged me saying he can't see me anymore because he was back with her and she doesn't want him to see any of us. Being 21 and angsty, i messaged him a lot of angry words berating him for cowardice and refusal to stand up to her and so, that was it. I saw him again yesterday. His hair is now much longer and unkempt but otherwise very much the same. He still painted a melancholy picture and as his car sped away into the night, i found myself thinking a little about him and then firmly put him away.

    Now older and wiser (so i choose to believe), there are many people i keep and try very hard to keep in my life but also just as many people who stir up old ghosts and whom i choose to let go.

    We cannot have it all. And i also believe, it's all for the better.

    [Oh, and the temptation to move to is big but i'm still bidding time until they allow the users to modify their own templates.]